Case Studies

No two customers are the same, and so no two days are the same for an employee of MCS! As the case studies below demonstrate, our customers present a range of challenges, from organisation-wide digital transformation, to development of individual software systems that underpin a single critical process, to ensuring that front line staff have reliable back-up support and business continuity should a crisis arise. Here are some examples of the successful projects we have collaborated on across a range of industries.

Empowering Bearfoot Flooring: Making Data Visible, Streamlined, and Lucrative

        Since we’ve gone live, we’ve had much greater visibility and control over every aspect of the business.”Stephen McCann, Owner, Bearfoot Flooring After […]

Empowering Users with ERP: The Irish Daily Star

MCS identified workflow inefficiencies and presented an enterprise-wide IT solution to enable communication between systems, eliminate duplication and redundancy, and reduce time spent with system lag […]

Port of Waterford: Plain Sailing Processes

To help Port of Waterford navigate multiple complex data sources, MCS created a bespoke dashboard, that allowed stakeholders to access the information needed at the touch […]

Dublin Marathon: Making Registration Less of a Marathon

MCS significantly reduced marathon registration wait time and introduced a system that allowed management access and track real-time registration information.

Feeney’s Filling Station: Staying Ahead of the Curve

When Feeney’s IT processes started to slow the company down, MCS overhauled the entire system—both software and hardware—while upgrading security and implementing cloud-based storage and remote […]