About Us

Product designers focus on the characteristics of products.

Service designers focus on the customer experience.

At MCS, we focus on BOTH – great products delivered with excellent service!


It takes a unique set of skills to ensure that the implementation of a new IT system is a success for the customer… and continues to be so.  Therefore, at MCS, we hire staff for their aptitude and their attitude.

Our expertise at new technology into existing technology infrastructure is one factor that differentiates MCS from other companies.

This is where we allow the business to be managed from a single software platform.

Many traditional companies use an ever-increasing set of disconnected software systems to run their business.  Inefficiency can result and scalability can be lost when multiple platforms are used.

Support for all the different systems is a considerable expense.

We also note that correcting either or both can cause change management issues.  When change management is factored into the project, it greatly increases the chances of a successful implementation.  We understand that new technology and digital transformation is not just a technical change.  It requires a cultural change, which means changing the way employees think and work. This can be the weak link in an otherwise excellent implementation.


Our customers look to us to help them embrace the power of digital tools to improve their services and products.  We serve a range of industries, many different types of businesses and we always welcome new challenges.

Here are some of our customers:

Our customers approach us to help with process issues, technology issues …or a combination of both.

Companies that have process issues usually want to make their processes leaner or less labour intensive.

Companies that have technology issues use our expertise to select and implement new software systems.

Our Partners

We work with technology partners to provide the best advice for our customers as they navigate the landscape of IT.

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