MCS creates software strategies that optimise your IT systems to achieve your business goals.


It takes a unique set of skills to ensure that the implementation of a new IT system is a success for the customer… and continues to be so.  Therefore, at MCS, we hire staff for their aptitude and their attitude.

Our expertise at integrating new technology into existing technology infrastructure is one factor that differentiates MCS from other companies.

This is where we allow the business to be managed from a single software platform.

Many traditional companies use an ever-increasing set of disconnected software systems to run their business.  Inefficiency can result and scalability can be lost when multiple platforms are used.

Support for all the different systems is a considerable expense.

We also note that correcting either or both can cause change management issues.  When change management is factored into the project, it greatly increases the chances of a successful implementation.  We understand that new technology and digital transformation is not just a technical change.  It requires a cultural change, which means changing the way employees think and work. This can be the weak link in an otherwise excellent implementation.

The MCS team


MCS has been helping Irish businesses since 1971. We started by providing payroll and accounting solutions for small companies. As we grew alongside our clients, we noticed that Irish SMEs have a common problem. Over time, growing businesses often accumulate different IT systems across business areas. As companies scale, using different systems that don’t communicate with each other becomes time-consuming, wasteful, and frustrating. Our clients began to ask us to help make their IT infrastructures more efficient.
Since the 1990s, MCS has specialized in developing streamlined software strategies for Irish companies. Working across a range of industries—from the media to farming, from real estate to NGOs—the MCS team has gathered insight into the most innovative, cost-efficient, productive, and streamlined ways to make businesses grow and succeed.


Your company’s IT needs are as individual as you are. Smaller companies often don’t have the luxury of a dedicated IT department and can’t rely on in-house expertise to make an off-the-shelf software product fit their unique needs. We excel at getting to know your business—the processes, the problems, the people—and figuring out the best solution for you.

Ken Heade, Financial Controller with the IFA, discusses how a close personal relationship with MCS has given them control over their data.


Sometimes, it seems like your IT is working against you—but you don’t know what the problem is or the best way to fix it. MCS reviews your work processes thoroughly before recommending corrective action. We listen to ensure that we understand your definition of business success and provide solutions that are aligned with your KPIs.


MCS provides solutions that give customers the capability to expand and change. We specialize in integrating disparate systems into one collection of data using enterprise resource planning (ERP). This gives business owners more accurate data and greater visibility and control over their information, enabling better decision-making.
We believe that the best fit requires tailoring. We provide clients with an integrated suite of different IT products and provide bespoke software solutions and training to make sure that your IT interacts seamlessly with your systems and—most importantly—your people.
While we have expertise across all areas of software implementation, we specialize in

  • ERP solutions
  • Accounting solutions
  • Business analytics
  • GDRP compliance
  • Managed services
  • Custom solutions

Here is Conor, MD of MCS, talking on Dublin South FM’s Business Eye radio show about inefficient practices – a financial burden in many organisations and something that every MCS solution strives to improve.


Communication is the key to successful implementation, which is why we dedicate a lot of time to simply talking with and listening to clients. Once we agree a strategy with a client, we are committed to implementing that strategy on time and on budget. To stay competitive, small companies have to be lean, which is why we ensure that our solutions are cost-effective and competitive.


Your processes need to support the people who use them. We know that most of your system users don’t think like coders. That’s why we pay special attention to the user experience. We provide solutions that make IT simple and support staff who might find changing from legacy systems difficult. That might mean tweaking the system for individual requirements or providing intensive training for unfamiliar users.


We set you up for success, but that’s not where the story ends. At MCS, we believe IT works best in a good relationship—between the business owner, the IT partner, and the end user. The MCS team provides support until you are satisfied that the solution does what you need it to do. Long after implementation, we work with you as a kind of flexible out-sourced IT department to make sure everything is working as it should—because that’s what good partners do!


At the end of every project, we conduct a thorough review with the client to compare our experiences and share learnings and insights. Then, we apply those insights to the next project, to make sure our software strategies continue to grow with your business.




Together, our small, multi-skilled management team has amassed decades of experience from working across a huge range of Irish industries. Our team of consultants, engineers, and specialists uses this experience and their expertise to identify the right solution for your individual needs.

Our team conducts a business process review across every part of your business in order to fully understand your problems and processes. As an MCS client, you will have peace of mind knowing that the MCS management team has full oversight of projects—from problem diagnosis, finding a solution, and implementation to ongoing system support and review.

  • Conor O’Connell, Managing Director
  • Paul Daly, Software Consultant
  • Conor Yore, Software Consultant
  • John Anderson, Senior Systems Engineer
  • Sarah O’Connell, Trainer and Mentor, GDPR and Data Protection Specialist
  • Sinéad Hanbury, Application Support
  • Maeve O’Connell, Marketing and Communications Support



Our customers look to us to help them embrace the power of digital tools to improve their services and products.  We serve a range of industries, many different types of businesses and we always welcome new challenges.

Here are some of our customers:

Our customers approach us to help with process issues, technology issues …or a combination of both.

Companies that have process issues usually want to make their processes leaner or less labour intensive.

Companies that have technology issues use our expertise to select and implement new software systems.

Our Partners

We work with technology partners to provide the best advice for our customers as they navigate the landscape of IT.

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