“We now have all the checks and balances under control here in head office…much better control of our margins, our inputs, our outputs. It’s a simple, streamlined, integrated system. It’s a modern ERP.  It’s great..”

–Dave O’Rourke, Financial Controller, DPL Group


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a platform companies use to integrate all the processes needed to run a company.

Imagine a system that allows you to know what’s going on in any part of your company—profit and loss, cashflow, sales, inventory—at any moment of the day!

ERP systems give managers access to their processes in real time, speeding up the time needed to compile reports and make strategic decisions.

How an ERP Solution can help grow

Are you using multiple software platforms to run your business?

Is communication between these software platforms difficult or non-existent?

Do you know you can resolve these issues around processes and communication with a single solution?

ERP Standalone Systems

Why do small businesses prefer ERP solutions over standalone applications?

It reduces operation
costs by


It standarizes back-office
processes by


It gives them real-time visibility
into their data by


Source: The Aberdeen Group

The benefits of ERP solutions to business are proven with businesses experiencing

  • Reductions in
    operating costs,
  • Standardization of
    office processes,
  • Real-time visibility of KPI
    data and communications

As your business makes the transition from running on multiple, legacy software packages to running on a single ERP software platform, MCS will be with you through each of the following steps:

  • An in-depth business process review where we work with key personnel and map every process in your business to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the solution,
  • Demonstration of an ERP solution that we can tailor to your needs,
  • Agreement of project milestones and deadlines,
  • Development of an ERP solution, tailored to your business,
  • Rigorous testing of the system with stakeholder involvement,
  • Seamless installation and integration of the customised ERP system,
  • Role-based training that ensures staff will get the most from the ERP solution, and
  • Dedicated after-sales service and support to ensure maximum effectiveness of the ERP solution for your business.

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