What can analytics do for my business?

Business analytics or data analytics can increase efficiency, personalize your experience as our customer, and identify new business opportunities that you may have overlooked.

Can I define my own parameters and KPIs?

Yes, you can identify your own parameters and KPIs. You can also periodically identify both leading and lagging KPIs which will help in the progress of your future goals.

What sort of reports can I run using a business intelligence product?

You can run any reports relating to the data you hold: stock, sales, purchases, quotes.  You will be able to run reports that can measure performance progress toward your business goals, quantitative analyses, and reports that identify customer insights.

How does MCS implement a data analysis system?

First, we ensure there is a clear understanding of your requirements, business goals, and KPIs. This may involve collecting data from one or more of your current applications. Once we know your goals, we then implement a Project Plan. 

The timeline can be set by you all at once or in stages. 

The most important part of any data analytics system is to ensure the data, visualisations and results are accurate . This is the most time-consuming stage of the project because of the attention to detail but, if accurate from the beginning, minor changes throughout the project can be managed much more easily.

What sort of data can I input into a data analysis system?

Data can be collected from one source or multiple sources. For example, Power BI software currently has the ability to connect to 60 different data sources.

How much does it cost?

Power BI is an application that can be added to your Microsoft Office plan for an additional €10 per month per user. There is an additional charge for MCS consultancy work which varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

Can data analysis be used for forecasting?

Yes, data analytics is a very powerful tool for forecasting, budgetary vs actual comparisons, and yearly comparisons, whether looking at profit and loss or by customer and product.

How can my business benefit from ERP?

An ERP system will bring efficiencies into your work practices.  Many processes manage the workflow of your organisation, but these are often manual and separate, and you may not be benefiting from all the knowledge and data that your current system is storing.

With an ERP system, MCS re-engineers your work practices to understand how we can automate some or many processes and bring more efficiencies to your organisation. This will result in your business no longer using multiple or duplicate systems and it will allow you access to more accurate data, giving you the ability to make smart business decisions based on real-time data.

How are the costs calculated?

The cost calculations take the type of platform, cost per user, and annual support charges all into consideration. There are consultancy charges involved in the implementation, data migration, configuration, training and support.  These are all necessary steps to ensure the bespoke solution works for your organisation.

How does MCS implement an ERP solution?

Our goal is to ensure we know your business and how best to implement the ERP solution that is aligned with the goals of your organisation.

We understand your requirements by spending time with your staff, listening and planning out the company needs.  We work with you throughout every step to ensure we understand your requirements.

We create a sandbox/testing environment to allow us to configure the software to your requirements.  Your data is migrated into the sandbox environment to allow you to test data and processes, and we train your staff.

Once everything has been tested and you are happy to proceed to the next stage, the system goes live.  

For a system to go live, MCS are present on site for a few days to guide your team through the system and processes and to provide support as necessary.

How can I access the Sage 50 help file?

Press F1 at any stage and the online Help File opens. If you Press F1 while a particular window or form is open, the help files specific to that page will open.

Can I preview the effect a posting will have on my data?

Log into your demo/test company at any time and test a posting before applying it to your live data.

What should I do if I’m missing a nominal account from my profit and loss or balance sheet report?

Check that the nominal account has a balance and ensure that the account is included in your Chart of Accounts (COA).

What should I do if there are irreconcilable differences between aged debtors/creditors and debtors/creditor control accounts?

Check to see if

  1. All transactions are posted and updated,
  2. Manual journals were posted to control accounts (there should not be any manual postings to control accounts),
  3. All dates of transaction postings were posted to the correct periods,
  4. Transactions were back-dated or future-dated into a closed period,
  5. Ageing reports were run at month end or reports are aged at month end,
  6. Reports were run after new transactions were posted and allocations took place.
What keyboard shortcuts and function keys are available?

Sage 50 has a host of function keys and shortcuts that can help processing faster.

  • Press the ALT key while a particular window is open to view keyboard shortcuts
  • Some are highlighted on screen, such as F6 & F7 which insert rows and copy cell
Is there an option to save reports to a favourites menu?

Sage 50 comes with various reports within each module which have slight variation in content, criteria and layouts. You can save time by marking reports you use most often as favourites. When accessing reports within different modules favourites will be marked with a star.

What should I do if I can’t find a menu item or option in the account’s application?

Check with your administrator that your user or role has access to the relevant feature/option that you are seeking.

What do I do if I can’t amend accounting periods?

Check the Maintain Accounting Period user permissions.        

What do I do if I can’t amend prices on sales orders?

Check the SOP user permissions.

What do I do if a customer has a problem installing the client version of the software?
  1. Check the permissions and user access control settings.
  2. Check the minimum specifications on their PC to ensure it meets the system requirements.
Why do I have a failed SEPA file?

A failed SEPA file is generally due to incorrect or missing details. You need to ensure that all fields are populated with data.