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Employee with COVID-19?  Has the employer the right to inform colleagues?
See answer here in a recent publication from the European Data Protection Board
COVID-19 Coronavirus Staying Safe online COVID-19 (Coronavirus) DPC issues guidance on staying safe online during a pandemic
DPC issues guidance on data transfers in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit
GDPR fines are starting to come
What to do with your pre-GDPR marketing database
DPC release report covering 1st January 2018 – 24th May 2018
Data Protection and the Draft EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement: Ten Initial Conclusions
Transparency & the GDPR – a handy guide
GDPR and NIS: Is Your Business Subject to Additional Breach Reporting Obligations?
Any data portability in a storm
The changing face of data in rugby
Irish DPC pilots data privacy lessons in Irish schools
Heathrow fined for USB stick data breach 

“Face off”: Facebook, The Data Breach and the DPC

Google closes Google+ after data breach

Facebook could face up to $1.63 billion fine for latest hack under the GDPR

EU lawmakers push for cybersecurity, data audit of Facebook

Irish Government publishes its legislation programme for Autumn 2018
 UK’s ICO Fines Marketing Company Over Unsolicited Emails
West Ham face potential hammering by the ICO
37,000 Eir customers affected by data breach
Irish consumers slower to activate GDPR rights than anticipated

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica fine could have been even bigger under GDPR

‘It’s impossible’: Google has asked ad tech firms to guarantee broad GDPR consent, assume liability

20% of Companies Report Being GDPR Compliant Post May 25 Deadline

ICANN incurs the wrath of EU data regulators under GDPR rules