Automated Accounting Solutions


AutoEntry is a cutting-edge accounting tool designed to make your working life easier.

AutoEntry captures and categorizes your financial documents, and publishes it to your accounts software.

How AutoEntry Works
  • Scan, photograph or upload an invoice, receipt or bank statement.
  • Submit the document to AutoEntry, which will verify your data to you.
  • Automates the categorization of your documents
  • Reduces the amount of time spent on manual data entry and the number of errors.
  • Moves your data onto your accounts software
  • Makes it ready to send to your accountant
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Automated Invoice Importing

MCS has developed a program to automatically import sales invoices from companies’ systems into Sage 50.

How does automated importing of sales invoices into Sage 50 work?

This software:

  • connects to external data sources or CSV files from ICBF
  • validates the data to ensure each customer is recorded in your Sage 50, and then
  • imports the data into Sage 50 as sales invoices


How long does it take to set up automated invoice processing?

MCS can change your manual system to an automated system in a matter of hours and with minimum disruption to your billing cycle.

What are the advantages of using software to import invoices from core business systems into Sage 50?
  • Saves time for accounts personnel
  • Assures data integrity because the software automatically cross-checks between systems and there are no repeated manual data entries.
  • Streamlines data flow in the organisation
What are the customers saying about automated invoice importing?

“The bulk of our monthly transactions have been imported to Sage 50 using the invoice import software developed by MCS. This has changed what used to be a manual, time-consuming, and cumbersome process into a simple monthly procedure, taking no more than a few minutes to complete.” —Irish Charolais Society

Automated SEPA Direct Debit for Sage 50

Are you feed up of receiving slow payments from your customers? Why not let your customers pay by Direct Debit and then let MCS SEPA DD automate the process of collecting and allocation payment easy—in two easy steps.

MCS SEPA DD for Sage 50 allows you to collect payments by Direct Debit and it automatically processes them in Sage 50 Accounts or Sage 50cloud Accounts. This will help you save time on processing payments and improve your accuracy and reduce errors.

How does the Sage Direct Debit Module work?

The Direct Debit module creates a SEPA Direct Debit request file using data from your Sage 50 Accounts software and it automatically generates credits and allocates the receipts when payment has been received; saving you time and improving your cash flow. It will allow you to collect by transaction dates or by value giving you the flexibility to run many DD during the month. Rather than logging online to the bank to pay your suppliers every month, why not create a SEPA Payments file, upload the file to the bank and let the bank process the transactions.

Features of the Direct Debit Module:
  • Stores customer bank details against their record in Sage 50 Accounts
  • Collect either individual invoices, transactions date or balances on a customer’s account
  • Looks after the FRST and RCUR status of your clients
  • Generate Unique Mandate IDs
The Sage Direct Debit Module:
  • Improves cash flow as the money lands directly into your bank account
  • Is 100% accurate
  • Validates the data
  • Eliminates manual errors
  • Updates Sage 50 with Payments receipts